Union Territory Wide Area Network (UTWAN), Department of Information Technology

Initiatives of UT of DD & DNH

The Union Territory of DD & DNH has already initiated certain e-Governance initiatives at the department level. The inclusive approach of the Administration envisages that network connectivity can be brought to all the corners of the UTs, thus increasing the ability to take faster decisions and reduce the time lag in implementation of various government schemes.

The Administration of DD & DNH has taken up several programs which create a base for Information and Communication Technology propagation. Various e-Governance projects are either operational or are in process of being operational.

Various departments in UT Administration of DD & DNH have separate applications pertaining to their specific usage and purpose, for providing services to the citizens. A typical government department having an e-governance application requires the following:

  • A delivery platform for e-Governance applications.
  • A mechanism for fast internal communication.
  • Increase access to services for the citizens and multiply usage.
  • Carry progressively increasing data and applications.
  • Speed up the transfer of information between employees in different locations and to allow them to share common files.
  • Carriage of voice and data in an integrated manner rather than having separate networks for voice and data.
  • Have a secure and reliable channel to transfer data across locations.

To fulfil above mentioned requirements, implementation of UTWANs are required. UTWANs are expected to cater to the information communication requirements of both UT Administrations and its departments. Through implementing UTWANs, the Administration of UTs wishes to achieve the following:

  • Ensure that every citizen in the UTs has access to Government services and information whenever and wherever they need it.
  • Provide reliable, vertical and horizontal connectivity within the UT administrations to make the Government more productive.
  • Provide the Government agencies, the ability to leverage a robust infrastructure to provide a complete array of Government services and information.
  • Reduce communication cost.
  • Provide a secure backbone for encouraging electronic transactions.
  • Provide efficient service management.
  • Make services available in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Move toward the provisioning of converged communication Services (voice, data and video) and the interconnection and interoperation of network platforms and encouraging System Integrator (SI) to consider any network architecture to determine the most efficient and cost effective approach.
  • To increase the efficiency of Administration’s delivery mechanism and to optimize performance.
Page last updated on : 19/6/2014
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