Union Territory Wide Area Network (UTWAN), Department of Information Technology

Vision & Mission

"As an outcome of establishing the UTWAN across the UTs, the Administration of UTs desires to have an informed people who are empowered with the sense of partnership of working in close relationship with the Administration towards a healthier, happier and a prosperous society".

In short - "The UT Administration of DD & DNH and its citizen shall become an ICT enabled Society". The mission the UTWAN project is

  • To provide access to information for citizen of India.
  • To provide electronic governance and government process re- engineering by effective deployment of Information Technology.
  • To support government administration in making quick and efficient decisions and sustaining transparency.
  • To assist in formation of trained manpower and growth IT literacy.
  • To draw attention towards investment in IT related industries having attractive policies.
  • To ensuring foundation and establishment of a good information and communication infrastructure.
Page last updated on : 19/6/2014
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